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A wonderful organ concert was enjoyed on Sunday May 7th.  A big thank you to Colin Cousins for donating his time and talent to the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign.  The Grand River Grannies have sent the proceeds from the concert ($1,100.00) to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  Thank you to all who attended the concert and gave so generously.

ART From the Attic 2022 was a success

We've done it again - pulled off a terrific event - filled with hospitality, story telling, networking and community building.

  We made just under $6,000.00 and have already sent the money to the SLF, who will send it on to our sister Grandmothers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

A big Shout Out to GLENHYRST ART GALLERY and the people of BRANTFORD AND BRANT COUNTY.  PARKS AND REC made the setting on Ava Road perfect.  GLENHYRST offered the Cottage for our fundraising venue.  BRANT COUNTY AND BRANTFORD CITIZENS donated hundreds of well-loved pieces of art to the cause and then came out to buy fresh pieces to rejuvenate their homes.

The Grand River Grannies, Bert Dorpmans and Glenhyrst Staff preparing for the ART FROM THE ATTIC

                     APPRAISAL DAY                   

The planned Tea and Treat Box initiative has been cancelled for 2021 and once again in 2022. Look out for a Mother's Day Treat Box for May 2023 💐